• Ladurée

  • Blinkering one's eyes from the tourist trap that is Harrods, make straight for the trademark pistachio and gilt doors of the celebrated Parisian tea salon Ladurée, which has three bakeries in London (founded in 1862 by French miller Louis Ladurée). The experience is rather like diving into an exquisite, and immaculate, jewellery box - there's the airy White Room downstairs, all serene white marble, candelabras and cake stands, the cosy Red Room with its rich, rust-coloured velvets and balcony overlooking a takeaway counter piled high with individual cakes (each a miniature work of art), and the Versace-esque Black Room, all in black and gold with Roman-style statues - a popular setting for evening dining. The all-day menu is perfectly serviceable (smoked salmon, caviar, club sandwiches etc), but it's really about sugar highs here - afternoon tea extravaganzas, giddying cream gateaux, and what Ladure?e is best known for: macaroons. These delicate gerbets span the rainbow and an incredible variety of flavours - from white amber to dark chocolate - and have become quite the fashionable gift, not least because of their divine packaging. Admiring your takeout is an excellent blinkering device.
    • Door 1A, Harrods, 87-135 Brompton Road
    • + 44 20 3155 0111
    • Open: 9am-9pm Mon-Sat; noon- 6pm Sun
    • www.laduree.com

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