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    If there is one salon in London where you will find the\r\ncity’s sharpest and most polished ladies, it’s in Gielly Green. A beautiful\r\nconverted townhouse in the heart of Marylebone is where Shai Greenberg and Fred\r\nGeilly opened their first salon offering back-to-basics, personalised hair and\r\nbeauty treatments to London’s power women who have little time and lots of\r\nmoney. The personalised service from some of London’s top professionals combined with the intimacy of a member’s club keeps loyal customers coming back. That as\r\nwell as the saliva-inducing head massages and scrumptious range of natural hair\r\ncare products created by the owners, which will have you coming out smelling\r\nlike an organic cupcake. If you want the Gielly Green experience at home, their\r\nproducts can be purchased online at shop.giellygreen.com   


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